Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wild Alaskan Salmon

Living in the South there are a lot of things I miss about Pacific Northwest food - picking your own berries in the summer, Rainier cherries that aren't $9 a pound and haven't been trucked for 3 days to get to you, dungeness crab hauled out of the ocean about an hour before you eat it, and access to all the fresh salmon you could ever want - not that pale gross farmed Atlantic salmon either - red, oily, Pacific salmon. I have had real trouble finding a market here in Nashville where I can consistently find good salmon without paying an arm and a leg for it. Until yesterday when we followed a tip from some neighbors and checked out Fresh Market in Brentwood. Sure, it's a drive but it's a great store and the fresh produce and seafood were well worth it, the salmon was as reasonably priced or less than I could get in Seattle and after marinating with garlic, fresh herbs and lemon the cooking on the grill it was absolutely delicious. We sat out on the front porch last night eating fresh tasty grilled salmon with some grilled veggies and it was heaven. To be sitting here enjoying our new house and new neighborhood with a little taste from back home was exactly what I needed. I love summer.

I need to be better about updating this thing - we've been eating some good stuff lately and we've got plans to check out some highly reccomended restaurants so expect some good food posts soon.